Zoovilization ~ Prologue

There you have it: the prologue of the web appearance of Zoovilization!

In my previous post I showed the first part of the prologue -- the egg sequence that you can find at the top of the current picture. I completed the second half of the prologue, which took me a little longer than anticipated, because I decided to remake the original thingy I was going to put up. It dates back to 2005, just like the first half. Here it the original:


I decided against placing it because the image no longer represents the character as it has developed afterwards while continuing preparations for the Zoovilization project. I hadn't checked the image since making it in 2005, but as I was about to put it up last Friday, I noticed: the bony eyebrows, the plompness, that's not what this character is about! Let's not make him look anymore like a dinosaur than crocodiles already do! And so I got to work to create a more updated version of the second half of this prologue, more in line with how I developed him afterwards during the course of working out the scenario more in detail. And such.

For the sake of...er...something having to do with continuity, I shall leave the original news post tagged underneath this one. It was about the first half of the prologue, which I put up earlier, the egg sequence. Also because it explains why you see 'Zoociety' in the original second half of the Prologue. I'll leave you with it.


Zoovilization ~ A Prologue

There you have it: the beginning of the web appearance of Zoovilization!

It starts with the first part of a (two-part) Prologue, and you'll notice right away that the title says 'Zoociety', instead of Zoovilization. It is the first title I gave to the project, but then I found out on the Internet that this catchy wordplay had already been used many many times. Hurray for those lucky people!

For the Prologue, I left the original title in anyway. I didn't have the heart to change the drawings, which, you may also have noticed, date back to the year 2005, when I first started adding ink to the scenario. Also, it sort of gives you a little insight in the kind of processes and decisions that come your way in projects like these.

You may remember I haven't committed myself to a strict update schedule back when I first announced the Zoovilization project. And with great foresight it was that I choose this course of action, for I am fairly occupied with lots and lots of other stuff, which, unfortunately, do not always involve lines and stories. Nevertheless you can expect me to put up part two of the Zoovilization prologue sometimesoonorsomething (Friday or Saturday, probably).

For now I shall leave you with the above: the first "mystery" in the Zoovilization Adventure 'The Zooville Mystery'.

The Dopperdude