Zoovilization ~ Page 4

After this page, everybody knows who is who for good, I imagine. That was the purpose of this page, alongside getting to know the characters a bit through their interaction.

I had this page planned for last week, but power supply to my house had other plans. We experienced a power cut during what would otherwise have been my window of opportunity -- time-wise -- to produce this page. And since a huge part of each page is prepared on my computer, I simply couldn't work out the original ink drawings any longer, without electricity.

Power cuts are quite common around where I live, which is the rural countryside of France. For instance, you can depend on it to happen almost each time during your average thunderstorm. Mostly we're out of power for just a few seconds, couple of minutes at most. But this was no ordinary thunderstorm, it was a freak storm with hurricane-like features. It took us back to before the industrial revolution, leaving all households in the vicinity without electricity.

All this is due to the fact that all power lines are above ground. A falling tree probably took the power lines down.

Enough about that. Page 4 of Zoovilization takes us to the place where our three heroes shall be united for the first time on the next page. Afterwards the pace of story telling shall pick up a bit. I dare not predict when I shall place this next page, with freak storms and all. But normally it should be within a week or so. Probably a bit more, I'd say, just to be on the safe side.

Now, I have a cosy fire lit in my fireplace, as the evenings are getting colder already, despite beautiful weather during the day, most times. I shall attend to it now. And it shall attend to me.

I'm the Dopperdude.