Zoovilization ~ Page 3

And here we meet another one of our main characters, on page three of the Zoovilization adventure. He also already featured in the teaser back then, naturally, just like Eric, who was introduced in the previous page.We started this page with a bit of name swapping there, to get everybody acquainted with who is who an such.

The process of making page 3, was a typical case of coming up with lots of subtle ideas on graphics I had not thought of beforehand. That's really great for me, as an artist, because it really adds to the pleasure of creating these things. (Believe me, quite a few aspects of doing this can be quite dulling, like the repetitive part of the process of adding colour, for example, that's basically inviting RSI in and allowing it to walk away with your furniture. ...don't...don't even try to understand that last phrase, it just sounds nice, and let's leave it at that, shall we?).

The downside is that it takes all the more longer to finish a piece. That's why I haven't arranged the Zoovilization page yet into a suitable archive, like I said I would. To which, by the way, I say: meh.

More Zoovenirs of Zoovinism within a week's time, hopefully!

The Dopperdude.