Zoovilization ~ Page 2

On page two of the Zoovilization adventure, we meet one of our main characters -- whose status as main character could already be deduced from the teaser back then, which is now to be found somewhere on the Zoovilization main page.

As to the Zoovilization main page, I have yet to arrange things there to create an orderly archive. Up to now, I simply dumped each new page onto it, whenever it was pushed from the Dopperdude's Homepage by a new episode. I did not wish it to be that way, but I simply haven't had the time yet to see to this matter. So I'm rather hoping you've kept up with the episodes from the beginning, otherwise you must start somewhere near the bottom of the Zoovilization main page, which is a messy procedure I personally don't like. However, I chose to put my time into creating page 2 of The Zooville Mystery, for your, and my own, pleasure.

Another entire page in one go, by the way, thanks to the rather large first panel. I had lots of things to say about this first panel, but it'll have to wait.

For this'll have to be it for now, since I'm really tired. Normally this drawing-induced weariness provides with the sort of dazed state that allows me to sproud all kinds of nonsense afterwards. Not today. But I'm sure you have plenty of nonsense of your own to spill, so go do that, in an awesome way.

...that was an order!

The Dopperdude.