Zoovilization ~ Page 1

With the Prologue complete, we now kick off the Zoovilization web appearance with its first page, presented above.

I present to you the entire page at one go this time, but I'm not planning to make a habit of that. Instead, as mentioned during the initial introduction of the project, I shall put up bite-size bits which can sort of stand on their own, as individual beats in the rhythm of sweet..sweet story telling.
Obviously, this first page presents an entire beat -- you can't very well get a story going by putting up just one picture of a first page, now can you!

This first page tells you something about Zoovilization, besides it being appropriately vague for a story called 'The Zooville Mystery'.

It tells you that even though I like amusement to be funny, this project won't necessarily present you with a wicked punch line, or even something remotely hilarious, each time Zoovilization is updated. It is, after all, firstly and foremost an "adventure story".
(Which isn't to say that I won't stray from conventional story telling from time to time, if the occasion presents itself to pursue a sidetracking situation which amuses me but puts us somewhat astray from the storyline. Or I may not. That's the beauty of this project, for me, anyway).

The next Zoovilization update shall be during the weekend, at its earliest, mind you! Maybe later.

For I am the Dopperdude, entertaining thoughts of hot chocolate in an Indian Summer.