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Pf! As if! Yeah riiight, I would change my creation just because it would suit me extremely...EXTREMELY...nonowait ... E X T R E M E L Y...well! Pf, yeah whatever..! Keep dreaming buddy! No! I said no! NO-MEANS-NO! Don't...don't start whining at the start of the message, okay? Makes me feel uncomfortable.

Had you going there, though, didn't I, with the teaser for this one! Come on, admit it!

So... By now I no longer have to tell you that Bor & Stampy are brought to you on an irregular basis and advice you to check regularly on Roel's Cartoons Homepage which hosts these cartoons to see if there's a new Bor & Stampy update, hm?

Go check it out for yourself if you don't believe me: if you're reading this, and you don't see a '#9' in the horizontal panel right underneath the Cartoon yet, it means you've just read B&S #8 fresh from the Bakery, babe! Lucky you! Okay, now go to Roel's Cartoons Homepage...

...go on, we'll wait for you!


...mm-mm-mm...yesterdayyy...all my troubles seemed só faaar awaaayyy...now I need a place to hiiide awayyy, o III belieieieve..in yeeesterdayyy..! WHYYYSHEEEHAD TO G--

Geez there you are, finally, my god you took forever!
...What, you hadn't checked out Roel's Weekly 'Nothing Personal' Cartoon already..?!
...I'm not sure why I am even still talking to you!
...oh, I'm sorry, you checked it out again! Okee.
And the one of the week before, for the second time! And the one before that one etcetera?! Gosh, really? Wow, great, thanks.

Anyway, so if you've just visited Roel's Cartoons Homepage, you've seen -- right underneath the introduction on the right of your screen -- a Link saying 'NEW: Bor & Stampy #8', isn't that right?
Yeah! See? Told you so!

Well...it's been nice talking to you. For a change. See ya next time folks! Be sure to keep an eye on those sexy Teasers I'll be putting up some time soon again for number 9 (- number 9 - number 9) !

You-guys-are-the-best! And I'm serious about that!
No I'm not.


Bor & Stampy are brought to you on an irregular basis, on account of the artist keeping up with his own life too.