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'WTF Is Wrong With People That Write Online Comics'

Oh yes, there it is, sooner than expected: a B&S interlude!

It is, apparently, what the Gods had in store for us, so don't go blaming me for your Zooville abstinence. Yes yes, the Gods work in mysterious ways! For instance, I see no clear reason why I'm out of peanut butter at the moment I'm graving for it the most, other than the fact that you can't buy it here in France, unless your willing to pay about 6 euros for imported American crunchiness.

The message embedded in the B&S Teaser (opens in pop-up) and in this episode, came to my attention when a B&S enthusiast placed an Episode in the off-topic section of a music production forum in a thread that was dealing with the haphazardness of toilet paper and our environment. A logical choice.

You see, every now and then I check the statistics for my site, and thus am able to trace back some of the places our good friends Bor & Stampy visit in blatant disregard of the copyright message on my homepage (which is really only there to protect my work from people who want to make money off it without my consent, or to have an official note to point to when I don't like the places where my work ends up without my permission. For all this, by the way, the copyright message isn't even necessary. Copyright laws are such it is redundant. Here in Europe, anyway).

Anyway, one of the members of that music forum reacted to the B&S comic, and the entire thread was devoted to webcomics from that point on. Which is great from the perspective of someone who makes webcomics. The opportunity was too sweet to forgo, and thus I present you B&S episode 31, which is titled 'WTF Is Wrong With People That Make Online Comics?'


After reading the episode I think you've noticed that it was really the tone of the message that made me crack up, not so much the actual question. You see, the actual question isn't that interesting, it's a typical non-issue (of course there's nothing wrong--as such--with people that make online comics; they're just doing what they like doing!).

But the author of the message is probably right, though, when he states (basically) that most webcomics are not very though-provoking in their writing. That is, however, as much a non-issue as the initial question, since there are obviously no laws stating webcomics should take on a specific form or have a specific kind of content. Such is the nature of the internet. Which leaves one with a very simple solution to this "problem": don't pay attention to the webcomics you don't like, and find a spot on the World Wide Web that you do like.


I'm the Dopperdude, you're the reader, and this is the internet.

(Oh, and something else about the statistics by the way: why the hell do a significant number amongst you enter my website via the Reactions page?! Really, it boggles my mind! Sent me an e-mail about it; the good answer shall be rewarded with a very understanding '...haaah..!' from me.
Also, I noticed a lot of you still use the Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Have I already mentioned this website is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox, with a 1024x768 resolution? It is.
Also, I noticed that you should clean your cookies and your act...we webcomicmakers have eyes everywhere! ...now don't get paranoid! It's already far too late for that).


Bor & Stampy are brought to you on an irregular basis, and in two parts (with the second part added to the first part), on account of the artist keeping up with his own life too.