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The Time Travel Paradox Fallacy

Thank you Back To The Future and the numerous other science fiction films, series, and books that brought up the time travel paradox fallacy!

Indeed, how could somebody's Future-self existence ever depend continuously on the existence of his Past-self once he has travelled back into that past? I'm not talking about how you're here because you didn't die in the past, but how you could die if your past was altered afterwards. What, once the past-self accidentally dies, because of alterations in it's future as a result of his future-self presence in the past, a sort of "signal" is sent to the atoms of the future-self in the past to self-destruct, thus causing the future-self suddenly to cease to exist..?

I think not. Nonsense! Think about it: once the future-self establishes his presence in the past, he's there to stay till he dies or till he chooses to travel time some more!

And that's the real problem: how to travel time? Is it even possible in theory? Maybe we'll find out SomeTimeSoon in the third and last part of the Time Travel Sequels of Bor & Stampy.

Stay tuned!


The Dopperdude

(This was the Teaser to the current episode)


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