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A Day At The Office

And yet office people do very important things too..! You know, things. Things, and and and...stuff.

This is not going to be a very long news post I'm afraid, since I've already written a considerable amount of text in the comic itself. ...Heck, that's not the reason, the real reason is because I actually don't have anything to say to you, at the moment.

You know, sometimes finishing a comic is like coming home from a day at the office: you've got plenty of shit to spill, but you're just too knackered from that trafic jam to start your complaining just yet. And then there's dinner. And after dinner the newspaper, maybe some tv. Probably some tv. There'll be something on that doesn't really interest or amuse you, but you'll keep watching anyway. And then, oh well, time for bed, tomorrow's another day at the office I guess...

And that'll be an evening well spoiled for you. SPENT, I meant 'well spent'..!

Offices are very interesting social places, by the way. People do and say things they normally don't. You can hear them say things like: 'I'm sorry I'm late for the meeting!', and 'I'm going on my lunch break now, hold my calls!'.
You won't hear them say those things at home! Can you imagine that? Sitting down at the table just past dinner time saying 'Honey, I'm sorry I'm late for the meeting!'. You don't do that! You just - don't - do that!
...oh boy, that'll be the day! When on a plain Saturday at noon you say to your spouse: 'I'm going on my lunch break now, hold my calls!' Woo, are you in for a hot weekend!

You know, there are actually people in offices at this very moment..! I'm not shitting you. Those are the 'less fortunate people' at the moment. And here's to them! We féél for y--oh hey now, don't look at me that way, I know it's not fair me being here nice at home and you Matthew-Starring the clock on you office wall, but it's nobody's fault..! It's the Earth, it turns! It it it...it makes the sun reach you with his rays, while we're turning to the Dark Side. Of the Earth. We're allowed to sleep now! YOU have to keep the world economy going for the next 12 hours or so! That's an important job..! Think you can do that? Good! The Dopperdude's gonna buy you an ice-cream later on!

The Dopperdude
(no he's not)


Bor & Stampy are brought to you on an irregular basis, and in two parts (with the second part added to the first part), on account of the artist keeping up with his own life too.