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A Web Of Lies

Go ahead and scrutinize the web, try reading it. Oh my, did I offence anyone..? Too bad, I have no pity for Liars!

No, but seriously, if you'd really pay attention to the web itself, you'd notice that I am, in fact, short of a couple of lies. ...Sooo feel free to send me some! Nothing too contemporary though, I mean, Bush will soon be outdated, for instance.

By the way, it isn't of lack of lies, of course, that I didn't fill in all the threads of the web. You and I both know there's plenty of lies going round. It's just that--oh my god..! I stopped myself from whining just in time ..!

Just remember: white lies are o.k., but only...if you don't mix them with coloured lies. Because then everything will turn pink. Or grey.

Also, I'd like to point out to someone in particular (you know who you are), that Little Lies Can Become Big Lies. No matter if they've got a pale white hairy butt or not. It's all to do with what I'd like to call 'Measured Application'. Don't overdo it! It'll turn on you!
...now give me back those sweets you stole from me that vacation..!

Okay, sorry about that the rest of you. Quickly moving on to the teaser for the current episode now. You'll find it here. But I'm hoping you've all been good boys and girls, and that you've already seen the teaser...don't lie to me..! What did I tell you about white lies..?!

SomeTimeSoon I shall be putting up another teaser, for Bor & Stampy episode 24, just check Roel's Cartoons Homepage regularly, if you're interested.

Until that time, I'm the man wearing a superhero cape saving your butt while you park it on the couch doing nothing. Go do something!


The Dopperdude


Bor & Stampy are brought to you on an irregular basis, and in two parts (with the second part added to the first part), on account of the artist keeping up with his own life too.