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Another True Story

B&S#20, 'The Chase', is a true story. Bor and Stampy, whom we all know and love, are actually based on two separately conceived figures, called 'Bor & Stampertje'. As you might guess, they were originally created with another medium entirely.

And now the original Stampy--an invaluable collector's item-to-be if all works out and I become ruler of Earth and the entire Universe--has fallen victim to the random strokes of madness of at least one cat in its vicinity.

How the Original Bor was spared the same fate, I can only guess, and I haven't got a clue.

His state? Well, the Original Stampy is in bad shape I'm afraid. He...doesn't move or respond to any questions. But then again, he never did, now did he? Don't be silly.

I have my suspicions as to which cat in my house is the perpetrator of this crime. Especially since I only have one cat. One who might now have developed a taste for toilet-paper left-over carton-thingies, as man-eating tigers allegedly do once they've sort of accidentally sort of ate a poor Asian fellow in a sort of rice field.

I personally don't know about tigers in that respect. The getting-a-taste theory might be as false as the "theory" that I only have one cat in my house. But that's none of your business, how many cats I have in my house, so let's leave it at that. Yeah, whatever.


This was the Teaser for the current episode, hope you enjoyed it. Check Roel's Cartoons Homepage regularly, if you wanna stay up to date on Bor & Stampy Episodes. For SomeTimeSoon I shall be putting up a new Teaser for the next Episode right on the spot.

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I'm the Dopperdude

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Bor & Stampy are brought to you on an irregular basis, and in two parts (with the second part added to the first part), on account of the artist keeping up with his own life too.