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...Why are we here..?

I'm sure you have noticed how people seem compelled to ask why we are here, when contemplating a moonless sky on a Starry Starry Night. Perhaps you yourself have asked that very same question, on such a twinkling occasion!

Well, to answer that question: I'd say you're here looking up at the sky, because you want to be here looking up at the sky. Right? (What, you wanna go home..?! We just got here!)

...oh, you had a larger scope in mind, asking that question...
In that case, I'd say the answer to your question why you are here has to be: because you were born, because Life came into existence, and ultimately because this Universe came into existence.

No no no NO! That's not what you mean, AT ALL..! ...WHY ... are we here...! Is what you want to know.
'...I just told you, we're here because we were bo-'

You're not interested in the reasoning behind the fact that you are here, you want to know for what reason you are here. Is what you're trying to tell me. Why as in 'what is the purpose of our existence--why was I born, why did Life come into being, why is there a Universe?'
You're asking, in short, after the Motivational Why.

That ultimate question--why there's a Universe--I can't answer. Nobody can. Because the question simply doesn't make sense. It is a non-question, it's like asking 'Why is purple?' or 'Why is a mountain?' or 'Why is the sky?'.
There is no Motivational Why to purple or a mountain or the sky, and similarly there's no Why to the Universe, or, for that matter, to your existence.

I'll explain.

There's a How to the universe (as in 'How did the Universe come into existence'), and there's a What to the Universe (as in 'What is the Universe'), but there's no Why to the Universe in the motivational sense, because the Universe isn't motivated.

For motivation, you see, you need a person. And the Universe, I think you'll agree, is not a person.


So next time when you look up at the stars, don't go asking silly silly questions, and instead just make up your mind what purpose you're gonna give to your own life, because the Universe itself certainly has none for you by default.

('Now, I want you to take-that-gospel-home-with-you, son! 'nMaybe spread it, amongst your fellow human beings! Untill that time, my friend, may the Looord be with you, 'npeace as well. And-may-you-be-free-of-alllllll-the-bad-things, such as scary spiders and stuff, and the devil').

The Dopperdude loves you. He really really does!

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