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All we hear is, Radio Gaga !


'Hey, it's me, where are you?'
'...yeah, I'm on my way there too..!'
'...okay, see you in a sec!'

Being called:

-'Hey, it's me, where are you?'
'In the cafeteria of course, we have a rendez-vous don't we?!'
-'Yeah, I'm on my way there too..!'
'Of course you're on your way there too, we're supposed to meet in 5 minutes!'
-'Okay, see you in a sec'.
'Yeah, if I'll see you in a sec, then...why are you calling..?!'

I estimate more than half of the calls made on a cell phone are completely unnecessary and really without content.

This wouldn't bother me, if people wouldn't bother me with it. You see, it is almost impossible to ignore a telephone conversation going on beside you, even if it's boring. Your brain--a real sucker for information--simply can't resist half a story. It needs to fill in the other half, and for thàt it needs to continue listening in.

But since most cell phone conversations we are exposed to by others are, I dare say, utterly boring and simply quite stupid, the brain's addiction to information can be a real nuisance. It's annoying, but we - can't - stop - listening!

You! Yes you there, you know who you are..! Keep your private bladibla private, please!

The Dopperdude

(This was the teaser that went with this episode).


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