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The e-mail's real. Oh, it's real alright!

You can read the entire piece on the Reactions page.

I was completely taken by surprise when I received it. It's simply the most hilarious reaction I've had so far. Thank you very much Merk, you made my day, that day!

After that, I followed up on Roger's suggestion (Róger that! -oh god, I'm so sorry Roger, that was so lame..! How many times have you already heard that one? Or let me restate that question: how may times have you already been prosecuted for murder?). Roger's message was actually a reaction to Merk's message (who is this Merk guy?! Is he planning to take over my website or something?!). And I made the comic. THE comic. Which I am, of course, dedicating to Mister Merk.

This was the Teaser for this one (an odd question indeed!), by the way.

So...how did you guys like the new update schedule? With the first half presented when it was ready, instead of waiting for the second half to be finished too? It worked out quite well, didn't it?


Aaaand that'll be it, folks, for today!
I know I know, this news post should go on sprouting nonsense for another couple of paragraphs, if you take the other news posts for measure. But quite frankly, I've got nothing more to say. To you. So please go. But be sure to come back later, if you wanna keep up to date with the B&S episodes, cause I'll be sure to post the Teaser for numero 17 SomeTimeSoonOrSomething!

The Dopperdude


Bor & Stampy are brought to you on an irregular basis, on account of the artist keeping up with his own life too.