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Oh, how I've been spoiling you guys with EIGHT pictures-a-time in each B&S..!

But we'll have none of that no more! No sirree! Time to start working our patience a bit for a change! From now on, I will present each episode of B&S in...two parts! That's right, two parts of each 4 pictures!

So. That means. Next up. After the teaser for B&S#16 of course (by the way, how did you like the teaser for this one?). Part I of B&S Episode 16.

How does that sound?

Don't worry, they'll be presented one after the other, on two separate days, maybe with one spare day in the middle, depending on how much other stuff I have to do... Hell, most certainly with one spare day in between the two parts!


The real reason for this new set-up, by the way, is that I have almost always already finished the first part of each episode around the middle of the week. Most of the time, I only have time to finish the other half near the end of the (workday) week. Such a shame! We could have enjoyed the first half for two day already, by then! So in reality, with this new set-up, I'll actually train your patience less!

I know what your fearing: presenting an episode in two parts is almost always a bummer. You know: 'For the conclusion of this exhilarating episode, tune in next tiiime!'

Nobody likes that! And it's true, it sucks. But not so with the B&S episodes! Listen up:

You may have noticed that each B&S is made up in such a fashion, that it COULD...already have been divided in two...! Did you notice that? Well, it's true, go check it out, from episode 1 up to the current episode, each and every one of them can easily be divided in two (with an added word or two here and there). It's inherent to the make up of B&S, apparently. Not intentionally, by the way--it just happens to turn out that way each and every time. ...How convenient!


I'll have to see if this idea works out in practise, though. And maybe, depending on the specific episode, mood (mine), and other stuff (to do), I'll skip dividing an Episode from time to time, presenting it in one go, as we're used to now. I don't know, we'll see. Let's experiment a bit.

Anyway, be sure to keep an eye on those sexy teasers I'll put up on the Homepage if you wanna stay up to date with B&S!

If nothing else, till next time, I'm the Dopperdude


Bor & Stampy are brought to you on an irregular basis, on account of the artist keeping up with his own life too.