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The Dentists, won't somebody PLEASE think about the Dentists!!!

Yes, think about the Dentist, for a change! The poor guy (in my case), I can't imagine what it must be like facing people who are NOT happy to see you all day long! Every day!

My dentist is a really swell fellow, he's always in a good mood. Must be because he's so healthy. You know: healthy body healthy mind, and all that? He's so healthy, because he does a lot of sports. And that gives me great confidence, because that means he's got enough muscles to smoothly pull teeth, and other stuff dentists do.

My dentist does Judo for a sport. Last time I saw him, he told me he'd just received a great blow on the nose the other day, while sparring with the old sparring partner of the French world champion of Judo. This little bit of "health" information made me a bit queasy though. See, if he laughs about having his nose shot up his forebrain in the weekend, then he might have no idea about normal boundaries of enduring pain...if you get where I'm heading to...

I was paying a visit to the dentist (with the emphasize on paying) because, erm, I had lost a filling recently. Coincidence. Really. (Riiiight). He told me I'd lost my filling, because a cavity had formed underneath it. I told him, sitting in the dentist chair, that he surprised me, I had been thinking all this time that the filling had just broken off or something, since I had experienced no pain whatsoever. Upon which he reached his dentist's tools and said, '...oh, but you will feel pain, my friend, just you wait, you will feel pain…!'

...I swear to you he said that! (I actually was thinking about using that in the cartoon, but I figured people'd find that too far-fetched. Yeah well, the truth often is far-fetched, my friends!)

He was right, my dentist. I found out when he started prodding the molar--which is called 'cleaning out the cavity' in Dentist language.

...The pain, people, the pain...

Oh, yeah, right, just a warning upfront, ..upfrontish anyway, if you don't support dentist stories and all that, don't read on, just...go..! GO! Go while you still can! Save yourself! Don't think about us, just leave us behind with my dentist story and don't look back!

Okay...that got rid of all the pussies. There's not really much more to this dentist story, actually, but I just don't want those whiners around. I'll do all the whining, thankyouverymuch!

Not much else to say, just that having your nerve endings fiddled with a metal hook causes unpleasant sensations. That's right, here in France they don't automatically use an anaesthesia while playing a heavy metal part in your mouth, causing jaw-paralysing pain (who needs anaesthesia anyway). But I still managed to drive home afterwards.

I said to him, when he was done hurting me with the hook, I said 'you did that on purpose, didn't you!', But he assured me, 'nonono, absolutely not! …well, maybe a little!'
And then he laughed.
And then I left.

No seriously, what I'm saying here is: yes, a visit to the dentist's is unpleasant physically, but it will be so much much more unpleasant later on if you don't go. So give the guy a break, he's only helping you. You know, try to crack a joke for a change, in between him cracking your pain barriers next time. Pussy.

The Dopperdude

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