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Well there you have it: Resistance is so very very futile indeed.

First of, I wanna talk about the teaser for this one. A lot! Because I'm really pleased with the outcome. I think it my masterpiece of paying tribute to an widely known ingredient of contemporary HIGH CULTURE. Yes, you heard me, high culture, baby!

I love science applied to storytelling, hence: science fiction. What a way to popularise science! Okay, okay, it may give a couple of false impressions, as to science's current progress, I'll readily admit that. Artificial intelligence is still in its infancy, cyborgs unheard of within the capabilities of science.
But do you realise all this also inspires people in science, and people in to going into science? I need not stress the importance of science, do I? Not to a species as inquisitive as our own, not even having mentioned the fruits of science yet.

In the end the grand spectacularrr of science, as shown in science fiction, is not what science is about, of course. Science is about understanding reality, basically. Which is cool enough by itself, apart from all the positive spin-off products it has produced (medical appliances and -practise come readily to mind, as a nice spin-off), and still holds in the future.

Anyway, that was my tribute to two highly popular subcultures: StarTrek and StarWars, the mind and the body of science fiction in the industry. You know, the industry.

By the way, did you notice how StarWars fans and Trekkies always seem to be bashing one another? Unbelievable! ...Nurds.
Yah that's you yeah! I'm talking about you there! You know who you are!

I don't, by the way. I don't know any hardcore StarTrek or StarWars fans. So I hope I did well, with my tribute. I took the risk of posting my teaser on a couple of StarTrek forum sites (not the risk of placing it on StarWars fora, you might understand, if you've checked out the teaser), so I guess I'll be finding out soon enough. Please be gentle with my bandwidth.

I have to say though (as I'm sure is already widely discussed in the before mentioned fora), I find it really odd that people who come up with all this futuristic stuff, still have technologically advanced races fight with knifes as well.
For instance, take the Klingons, they keep up fighting with their Bath'lets, or whatever, those half-a-moon metal blades with various sharp pointy thingies on it. Yeah, sure, keep your laser pistol buckled, it's more "honourable" to knife fight!
If I were faced with a big fucking Klingon, it'd do an Indiana Jones butt-out with my riffle any time! Fuck honour, I wanna live!
Same goes for StarWars: let's walk around with a futuristic stiletto sword, in case our raygun acts up! Sure, that'd be the logic choice over, oh, say, an EXTRA raygun, instead of the sword. Take your pick! Owwww...red one eh? I get it, you're the evil type eh! In that case, I've got a bad-ass mask for ya too, please step in the back.
And then you kill him. The sucker.

Nah, of course I get it: sword fights are so much cooler! And you don't get the heavy graphics which come with a ray gun fight. ...And...stuff.

So, anyway, I hope I didn't tread on anybody's StarTrek- or StarWars toos. And if so: you may challenge me to any cyberwar game of choice, and have the opportunity to "take it outside" with me. Provided that you get me your game of choice, and a fast Internet connection. (Boy, even if I should loose the game, I'll be the winner there! Hahaha! Hope someone falls for it!).

Okay, I enjoyed myself tremendously, making this one up, this number 12. I really hope you liked it too!

SomeTimeThisWeekOrSomething, I'll come up with a new Teaser, for B&S#13 (don't be afraid, it's just a number. Be very afraid, however, concerning it's content!). So be sure to check Roel's Cartoons Homepage regularly, if you wanna keep up.

Live long and prosper,

The Dopperdude

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