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Forget B&S#11, and it's teaser, we can talk about that later!

Don't you get it..?! We totally forgot to party wildly last time! Did you realise that was B&S number TEN last time!?! What?! Why didn't you say so?!

Number ten man, that's like a, uh, landmark or something! Or a hallmark (yes it is, depending on whether you're outdoors or indoors, smart-ass). That absolutely called for celebration! In fact, it shouted out, and we completely ignored it!

...what was wrong with us?!

I know I know, some people start celebrating at a hundred comics or something, making the spontaneous combustion of a wild sex party at 10 comics ridiculous. But I take after the French, who'll use any excuse to impulsively organise a fête.
You know, uhm, first Friday of the Month clearly calls for celebration, second Friday of the Month--party on! And so on.
For all days of the week.

Yeah, they know how to enjoy life (which is why their unemployment rate is a solid 10% or more--to which, by the way, I say: meh). This goes for any of the countries below the line horizontally encompassing the Earth and crossing Paris, as a matter of fact (...better be checking that with a map later on, I might be saying something terribly foolish there, like, 'the people of Insert Name Of Poor Starving Eastern European Country take every opportunity in rejoicing their happy happy lives!' Can't have that, gaffes like that. Must uphold my Klingon-like honor! ...w-what am I saying..?).

Okay, at least we took it slow, last time, with number 10, that's something, that was good. It felt good. We gotta do that more often, taking it slow. Gives the intellectually challenged readers a chance to catch up as well.
Hey, I'm not dissing anyone here! You gotta believe me! Bor&Stampy comics have many many different layers of, uh, profundity to appreciate, each as valuable as the other. You know, like an onion, you can keep peeling off layers that make up the onion, each as valuable as the other! Yeah, you can keep on peeling those layers, until...well, until you're left with...nothing ...really...right...?


Your focus is all wrong! The layers of an onion don't represent different layers of "profundity". Peeling layers off an onion means you're keeping yourself occupied with the same level of profundity over and over again! Layer after layer!

If you really wanna use an onion as a metaphor of different levels of analysis, like so many so-called philosophers have done, you'll have to address the onion, it's layers making up the onion, the cells making up the layers, the atoms making up the cells, and so on, leaving you not with 'nothing' in the end, but with the most basic building blocks of the Universe!!!


...God damn it, how it pisses me off when people rape (I believe that not too strong a word) a metaphor! It's like the sun that sets in the sky!
...wait, no it isn't...
Uhm...it's like all the water of the ocean dripping from a tap of which the little rubber thingy needs to be replaced to fix the leak of the ... eternal ... thing ... going ...'blob'...or... something...
Damnit, I've lost it! It was so good in my mind!

Anyway, the answer's 42. Because Douglas Adams said so.


Bor & Stampy are brought to you on an irregular basis, on account of the artist keeping up with his own life too.