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Alice, babe, don't worry, I won't give that phone number to anyone! By the way, you forgot a digit. That...erm, wasn't on purpose, right?

People, you're on the Dopperdude, station: Bor & Stampy, your Host: Roel's Cartoons. Make yourself at home--don't...put your feet on the table! ...you filthy person..!

Anyway, I've got a great program all set out for us, we're gonna have a hell of a time together today! First, we're gonna go check Roel's Weekly Cartoon of this week on the Homepage in a bit, hang out a while on the premises, harass old ladies and other passers-by, and then we're gonna go slack off for the rest of the day: How's that sound? We're NOT gonna work today! Go tell your boss.

Well...in fact, I might be the only one doing a wee bit of work there maybe, later on. Gonna try and come up with a brilliant idea for a Teaser for the next B&S which I'll be putting up some time next week or something. Coming up strong, number 11. But that's like snapping my fingers, so...no biggy.

...h-how does one snap with his fingers?

No I'm only kidding! Of COURSE I know how to snap my fingers. Just did it. Woops, there they go again, around the clock babe! Woohee, last one for today!
Aaand that's three new ideas!

Nah, that's not how I work. I do know what is gonna happen in the next episode of B&S though. AND in the episode after that one. If you wanna know too, then hurry, drink up your tea, and go try reading the tea leaves. Sucker. OR simply check out Roel's Cartoons Homepage on the Dopperdude regularly, to see if there's already a new update on Bor & Stampy, which will be put up notice right...there.

About the teaser for our current episode, that was right in the boobseye, eh? Bull's eye! I meant bull's eye..! Pfew, better be heading off to Roel's Weekly Cartoons, as scheduled, let's go everybody!

Hey! Roel's Cartoons Homepage is THAT way..!


Bor & Stampy are brought to you on an irregular basis, on account of the artist keeping up with his own life too.